Sunday, August 1, 2010

Who Needs Shopaholics Annonymous when..

After my post yesterday, I set out this morning to redeem my dignity and style.
'How this mummy got her groove back' was going to be my title for this post when I got home from killing my credit card, filling the boot of my car, earning enough fly buys and frequent flyer points to get me to europe etc etc - you get my drift.

Off I went - supportive hubby and kids in tow (One little cherub in particular who spent an entire trip around Target telling people that mummy is buying new undies!).
I went into the shopping centre with all these great intentions of a monster shopping spree, emerging through the change room doors in a montage form terribly similar to that on "The Sweetest Thing" or the 1st "Sex & The City" Movie, exiting the doors with TROLLEYS full of goodies exlaiming "GOODBYE SLUMMY MUMMY" and doing a little dance all the way to my car! (All I needed was a camera crew and cheering crowds and I would have been set, letting out quotes like "I'm the king of the world" and singing "she's got it, baby she's got it").

See, the intention was there. Things I wanted to spend money on, however, were not!

Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nadda.

I left with 2 new pillows, 2 new cook books, dishwashing liquid, dishwasher tablets and a new mop head!

Ok, I will admit I did upgrade my skanky, daggy, floppy, grandma undies. (I now own lingerie!) And I did buy a skirt. Oh, and 2 singlets to wear to bed that I got for $6 each as I simply cant resist a bargain and hey, I went there to shop so I had to spend something!!

I am realising that it so hard to buy anything that meets the comfort and practicality of my trackies, but that I can still feel stylish and good in. I can get plenty of corporate wear, city wear, I dont have kids wear. But no Mummy wear!

I am now on a mission to find NICE, affordable clothing for mum's.
I have the sketch book out doing some designing, so hopefully I can come up with something. First off will be some nice pj pants to go with the singets that I now own.

So I ask these questions of you - where do you shop that is stylish and affordable?

Do you like the idea of a Mummy Wear range that meets all of my above criteria?

Let me know your thoughts, let me know what YOU want in everyday wear, and lets see if we MAKE IT!

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