Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Excited Much?

Well, the answer to this would be no!

I am married to a farmer, whom I love dearly, but, I, am NOT a farmers wife. I dont enjoy tractors, I dont enjoy farming actually. I generally tend to stay at home and be the 'backbone' of my husband, you know, the - 'Behind every great man, is a great woman', thats me - BEHIND!
My husband is very passionate about what he does, and its great to see that he is doing something that he loves, as we should all be doing!

I am also very lucky to have him, and as he supports all my fabric shopping trips, and even comes with me, which brings me to my 'next week'.

I am off to, dare I speak its name - AG-QUIP! Yep, 3 whole days of looking at farming paraphenalia, most of which I have no idea of its name, or what it does, or if we need one.

Excited much?

I must admit, however, that I have been secretly scoping out the ad's for PAAL on the back of 'The Land' for the last few weeks as they announce that they are going to be at AG-QUIP, so my compromise is that we get to take a LONG look at their stand, ask LOTS of questions, and he must be open minded!

Excited much? HELL YES!

So, who knows, maybe I will end up coming home with something that I understand, can use and know the name of!

Anyone else going?

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