Friday, July 30, 2010

Slummy Saturday or Slummy Mummy?

MEH. Tthats about as much as I could muster this morning.
I slept in, did a little crochet, then, well, not much more!

When I finally decided to get dressed this morning, (ok so maybe it was this afternoon)I realised, while putting on my old faithful trackies, that I had NO clothes that actually fitted me! EVERYTHING was too big. Even my undies were saggy! WOW, how and when did this happen? Maybe breastfeeding my little poddy calf is doing it, as I am certainly not a diet, or even thinking about my diet, which is evident by the Tim Tam packet that is now in the bin!

As I contemplated brushing my hair (for what realisitically could be the 1st time this week)I prayed that I was just having a Slummy Saturday.
Apon further contemplation, I quickly realised that I had somehow contracted a really bad case of the Slummy Mummys!

Since the birth of my darling cherub a few months back, I have been living in 'House Clothes'. Track pants, old maternity tops just cos they are so damn comfy and hide all those extra 'bits', and, hey, when you are clenaing most of the day, why bother to do your hair or put effort into getting dressed! Who is going to see me?

So I have now emerged from the bathroom with my hair done, strategically hidden the hair bands so as the banish the pony tail, placed the hair straightener and curler in full view so everytime I walk into the bathroom I HAVE to look at it, and I am planning a shopping trip for Sunday! Will share details!

Has anyone lese fallen into the Slummy Mummy coma? Please tell me I'm not the only one!

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  1. You not the only one LOL I think I have been in Slummy Mummy mode for about 14 years