Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunny Sundays

We had a lovely productive weekend! Got so many jobs done and spent some time with the kids. While we dont often get time to just sit and play, we involve them with everything with we do, yesterday was car washing, baking, and tending to the chooks - moving them, feeding them, collecting the eggs and watching the new baby chickens emerge from their eggs! It was amazing! (the kids thought it was pretty special too!)

Saturday was a trip to town to do the groceries - the kids love coming, and help to pick out the fruit vegies for the week! They look so cute smelling the strawberrys to work out which ones are the tastiest!
Sunday morning we sat down to bacon and eggs and felt I was in 'Little House on the Prairie' - Free range bacon, home grown eggs, freshly squeezed juice from home grown Tangello's. If only I had gotten up early enough to bake bread! Um, no, on second thought, that is taking it a little too far!

As I sat back with a coffee on Sunday evening, smiling at a weekend well spent, I felt a little ashamed of myself.
I have been known to whinge that we never do anything, we never go anywhere, we are always too busy, we need this, we need that, we need somthing else etc etc.

This was, truly, one of the best weekends we have spent together in ages, everyone happy, no tantrums, no fighting, just enjoying each others company doing our daily routine.

I turned to my hubby, and thanked him.
"This has been the nicest weekend.
I love our little family, we dont need EVERYTHING, we dont need the BEST of everything, we have each other. We have fun with each other. These are values that our kids are going to pass on to their kids, we are shaping a generation!"

And thats exactly right! I want to instill values into my children that they can pass onto their children and so on. Our values lay in our family. In each other.

I am going to leave you with a quote from my husband.

"... It is our job, as parents, to teach our children to be responsible adults, not how to be a meance to society..."

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