Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lunchbox fun

What a lovely Sunday it was. I was lucky enough to get a sleep in this morning, and then I attacked! I washed the car (seriously, 4wd's were not made for short people, I needed to use a step ladder!) Tackled a mountain of ironing, enjoyed some sunshine with the kids and my hubby, and prepared and planned a weeks worth of dinners and school lunches.

I find School lunches such a chore! It is the one job that I really need to be organised for, or it can very easily be vegemite S/W's for a week! Dinner I'm ok with, as I have all day to plan for this, and really do love to cook.

If you are like me and need some lunch box inspiration from time to time, then you are in luck, because here are some of my NEVER fail lunch box recipes!

Slap Happy cakes/muffins
These are seriously the yummiest, easiest, and greatest cakes on the earth!
This recipe is from the best cake maker I have ever met, my Pop! He doesnt measure, he doesnt do anything that the CWA women swear you must, and his cakes are always amazing!
SR flour
and egg or two
some milk
some mixed fruit
a little sugar if you so desire
a touch of vanilla is nice, but not essential
You literally just add all this into a bowl until you have enough mixture and the consistency that you are happy with it. Pop in the oven, and in about 15 minutes, voila... the most delicious little cakes EVER!
These cakes are always good, but are amazing fresh from the oven, with a little bot of butter on them!!
Pasta Salad
So easy to slap together the night before school, and so tasty the next day!
Pasta - I like the spirals but whatever you have
Mayo, or any dressing that you have! (coleslaw, potato, ANYTHING works! even italian! )
Any veg that you want to add! I like to use:
Grated carrot
grated cheese
finely sliced shallot
sometimes a little ham or chicken
Combine cooked pasta and vege ingredients, then stir through enough to dressing to help it combine and add flavour!
Here is a list of some of my other homemade Fav's!
  • Fried Rice
  • Home made LCM's
  • Anzac cookies
  • S/W sushi
  • Vegie Stir Fry

I like to send my kids to school with the least additives and preservatives as I can, they do get some crap, tiny teddies, museli bars etc to fill it up, and loads of fruit! But where I can, I like to fill it with homemade goodness!

I have been asked to do regular contributions to the school newsletter (after the teachers scoping out our lunchbox!) so, I will add them here as well!

Happy Baking

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