Monday, July 26, 2010

The bus out our way arrives at 8am. Each day is an interesting one, as each car arrives, and mum's pile out, some dressed for work, some in pj's still, some with the first thing they found when they opened the wardrobe doors (this is usually me).
We have our morning chat, see the kids onto the bus, and then head our seperate ways to get on with the day.
I enjoy these mornings, to see friendly faces at 8am is a nice way to start. Sometimes, however, it can be hard not to bite your tongue. Like one afternoon (the bus alternates - long story) when one mum left her 3 year old at home asleep while she came the 3kms to the bus stop! Quoting 'dont tell DOCS'.
This morning was another of those times. I swear had I have bitten my tounge any harder it would have bled!
Mrs J was at the bus stop, with her two lovely children 7 and 9, it was freezing this morning, so her children stayed in the car playing their Nintendo DS's. (A mighty fine idea at that hour of the morning I must say).
Miss A then arrived, with her 3 darling children, ranting about how innappropriate those games are, her kids will never have one, her son has NO computer games he can just do family things.
This was fine, everyone is entiteled to an opinion, I get that, we all have the right to bring our children up as we feel appropriate.
The bus arrived, the kids left, Mrs A left, and Mrs J stayed back a little, around the other side of the my car talking to my non school age children. I jumped in the car and turned around adn she was in tears. Questioning herself as a mother over a bloody DS! I felt so bad for her, jumped out and hugged her. (I might remind you that Mrs A's 3 year old had no shoes on on this 3 degree morning).

Why is the world so critical of parents choices?
Do we not have the right to make a choice for our kids anymore?
And seriously, over a computer game!

As mum's we face criticism in every direction we turn - birth choices, circumcision, breast feeding, and all that follows!

Today lets give each other a HUGE congratulations for being FANTASTIC at our job, even if we dont all do it the same way!

Here's to mum's worldwide, may you have a lovely day and laugh in the face of criticism!


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  1. i know someone who worked night shift when her kids were babies - over 20 year ago, and they would leave the kids asleep while he went to collect her after work - she didn't/still doesn't drive. neighbours were aware the kids were asleep so they watched the place.

    must be very hard to balance kids, work.