Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Inspiration From Pretty Things Distract Me.

Our 1st ever Inspirational - Inspire WAHM interview is sitting here, in my hot little hands.
It was lovely to read Rebecca From Pretty Things Distract Me, take on our questions, and her views on inspiration.
With an outlook on life like she has, it's no wonder her products are so amazing and you all voted for her!

Here's What she had to say.

What is your WAHM business and how did you start?
My business is Pretty Things Distract Me and we make quality, original hair accessories for mums, bubs and bigger girls - we're also branching out into a small range of quality clothing for boys and girls! PTDM started when my second daughter was born, and I struggled to find nice, affordable hair accessories for her. Everything around was over priced and not to my taste. I bought a few clips from a cheap store to play with and did alot of research and PTDM was born!

Who do you find truly Inspirational?
There's quite a few people i find inspirational. My husband is the most inspirational. He's far from crafty, but his passion for our family, and for the work that i do is inspiration for me. I also find a few co-bowers inspirational. Chris from 4 Lil' Darlins inspires me, not with her bows, but with the gorgeous friendship that has formed between us from having a common interest and business. And my children are highly inspirational, too! My daughter will often sit with me and surf the internet for fun new ribbons to add to our range - she likes some things that I wouldn't give a second thought too and she's even designed her own bow! (and it's one of my most popular sellers!!!) And lastly, Nicole from The Groovy Little Hippo! We chat every day and she is constantly inspiring me, telling me when my idea's are dumb, when my bows are cute, and just being one of the best friends I've had, but will probably never meet :(

When you are feeling uninspired, where do you turn to get back 'into the groove'?
I don't often feel uninspired, walking into my office full of colour usually snaps me back into it. If that doesn't work, usually just taking some time for myself, some time with my 4 children and hubby usually does the trick. Most times, I get uninspired because I've spent way too many hours working, and I need a break!

What is the biggest challenge you have faced with being a Wahm?
My biggest challenge is getting myself into a routine so that everyone is happy! I work MANY hours a day, to fill orders for people, and struggled with my decision to make my run time longer, as i was so used to getting orders out within 24-48 hours of receiving them. While the customers were happy, mummy and the kids weren't. So we changed the rules, I don't work when my kids are home in the afternoon after school, so that i get time to spend with them, cook them proper dinners, and I get to do all their routines with them - showers, homework, etc. I go back to work at night once they're in bed, and usually work til 11 or 12 at night.

What is the biggest personal hurdle that you have had to overcome?
Working around family commitments, keeping everyone, including myself and customers happy, while maintaining a healthy, and happy relationship with my children and my husband. We've got it in the bag now, though!

If inspiration came in a box, what would it look like?
Wow, this question is so hard to answer because I can visualize it, but I had trouble putting it in words! It'd be a great big swirling pile of colour. Bright pink, with rays of bring oranges, yellows, blues, greens and purple, full of sparkle and bling - kinda like my office, bright, colourful, fun, enticing and pretty! Pretty things really do distract me. So does sparkly things hehe.

If you were not a WAHM, what would you be doing?
To be honest, I really don't know. For years before starting PTDM I'd always tried to find a way to work from home, so if I wasn't running PTDM, I'd be doing something else from home anyway. My desire to be there for my kids, every afternoon after school won over many years ago.

Chocolate or strawberry?

Why do you think you were nominated as an Inspirational Wahm?
I have no idea!!! I don't
do anything special, I make hair accessories because I LOVE doing so, having the customers, and the friendships made from it has been the bonus of my passion. I guess, if I had to name something, it'd probably be that I try to treat each customer as if they're my ONLY customer. While I love that everyone has voted for me, I honestly have no idea why. I probably sound so full of myself here, but I'm really am at a loss. I don't do anything different to everyone else!

What 3 things could your business not survive without?
LOL When I first received these questions, I read them out to my best friend, and my husband who were sitting with me at the time. My husband said he's answer for me, and his answer was HIM! :D Seriously though, I wouldn't have the patience to do what I do without him. He is such a wonderful support system for me, he always has the answers when I have the tough questions, and he's ALWAYS willing to help when I feel like I'm starting to drown.

The other 2 items would be ribbon, and my wonderful customers! I couldn't get anywhere without you guys, and it's your lovely words, emails and friendships that keep me going all the time, to strive to make my next bow better than the last. You guys ROCK!

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